Friday, April 23, 2010

This And That

Recipe for... food.

Chocolate Mouse

8 oz bitter sweet ch
egg whites
whip cream

Cook small onions w/ dash of sugar
olive oil, ground pepper add 1/2 butter
add tiny peas (fresh only) canned
slice carrots very thin. cook 1 c (water)
dash salt / sugar
shell steak / roast no fat dab of butter
oregano rosemary thyme
cayenne black pepper dash salt
roll roast in it
brown in olive oil 4 min ea side
asparagus cut on bias in pieces

hot mustard
dash salt
cracked pepper
canola oil

> mix put asparagus in sauce marinate

Make of this what you will.

Found in "The Low Calorie French Cookbook" by Béhotéguy de Téramond. Published by Grossett and Dunlap, 1964.

Many thanks to Sara for deciphering this recipe.

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daiseered said...

mmm Chocolate Mousse... umm.. with asparagus?? might have to pass up this recipe!

Unknown said...

I disagree with the translation. Where Sara says "1/2 butter" it clearly (nearly?) reads "1/2 head lettuce" As an example of this dish, see
by Gordon Ramsey

Also, Sara seems to have left out something after (fresh only) canned tal???

Otherwise a nice rendering of a very sloppy but delicious sounding meal comprised of an herb-seared steak with asparagus and a braised lettuce, pea, and carrot side dish.