Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Roast Beef and Veggies

Recipe for Roast Beef and Veggies:

Elect skillet brown
fat side down on all sides
brown. Cover Tequilla lemon
or Tuscany (Knorr) sauce
15 (?) per lb after turning it to

Found in "Eight Cousins" by Louisa May Alcott. Published by Doubleday, 1968.


MJ Krech said...

Just stopped by to see what you were up to! Great fun!

BTW, I think the symbol after the 15 is shorthand. I've forgotten all I've ever known but remember just enough to recognize that's what it is. :) However, I think you could probably find out by Googling it!

Love your recipe site! Thanks!

Veronica Wald said...

I like this one, with the little dab of sample on it!

rupamagic said...

Well I am fairly certain it means 15 minutes per pound after you preheat the oven to 20 degrees. But at 200f it would need a lot more time, so probably they were meaning 200c, which is just under 400f (392f if you want to be specific).

By the way, I love this site! Thanks for putting it up here.

Tricia said...

I suspect that "Elect skillet" at the beginning means electric skillet, so the 200 might just be fahrenheit. If the skillet is covered at that temp, you would get a braise effect.

And yes, probably 15 minutes per pound.